Is It Time to Spruce up the Gym Floor?

At Floor Craft Sanding, we know that the hardwood gymnasium floors of schools and athletic centers take a serious beating. After awhile, the floor has had enough, and it’s time to give it a little makeover.But when does this typically … Continued

6 Ways to Protect Hardwood Floors from Small Kids

Your toddler playing with his favorite toy is so sweet. But then he starts banging it on your gorgeous hardwood floor. Your five-year-old daughter playing dress-up in mommy’s heels? Adorable. Except she’s stomping in them, right on the hardwood floor.

How to Ruin Hardwood Floors in 10 Easy Steps

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Restore Your Wood Floors

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How To Find a Flooring Contractor

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Hardwood Flooring Tips for Facilities Managers

Facility managers in athletic centers, gyms, studios, community centers, and schools know that their wood floors need to stand up to a constant beating. That’s why it’s so important to stay on top of regular hardwood floor care and maintenance … Continued

12 Tips To Help You Care for Your Hardwood Floors

Whether you have existing or newly installed wood floors in your home or commercial space, you can ensure their longevity by following the care and maintenance tips below, courtesy of the experts at Floor Craft Sanding.