Wood Floor RefinishingOver time, hardwood floors tend to fade, scratch, or lose their original lustre. Even if you’ve done a fantastic job maintaining them, sooner or later you may need to look into having our expert crew at Floor Craft Sanding refinish your wood floors.

How do I know it’s time to refinish my floors?

Many of our customers struggle to decide what is the appropriate time to refinish their floors. A few scratches here and there or some minor fading may not necessitate a complete refinishing process. However, if your entire floor has seen years and years of use and abuse or it recently had some major water damage, you may need to consider refinishing. Your best bet if you’re uncertain is to call our professional crew. We’ll send someone to your home to assess the condition of your hardwoods and help you formulate a plan for restoring them to their original glory.

What is refinishing?

If refinishing is indeed the best option, then we’ll help you formulate a plan. Refinishing your floors will require some preparation, including the removal of all your furniture and belongings. The basic refinishing process, as described by This Old House, involves sanding down your existing floors (no more than necessary), and then applying a coat or two of finish. The length of the process varies based on the size of your space and amount of damage. For example, sometimes specific boards are damaged and need to be replaced, making the process take a bit longer.

How do I make an appointment?

Ready to find out whether your Indianapolis home is in need of wood floor refinishing? Don’t hesitate to contact Floor Craft Sanding anytime at 317-759-2575 to schedule an appointment or to get an estimate. We’ll be glad to answer all your hardwood floor questions and get you one step closer to the wood floors of your dreams.

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