Our main office is in Carmel, but we regularly complete hardwood flooring projects all over Indiana. While most of our clients are based in Indianapolis, Zionsville, and Fishers, we also have a large percentage of clients in Lafayette and Bloomington.
Yes! This is a common request from new homeowners. Sometimes there are pet or water stains that need to be removed, or often they simply want to renew the beauty of their hardwood floors. Also, having your floors refinished before you move in will save you time down the road.
At Floor Craft Sanding, we offer our clients the highest quality of hardwood flooring and finishes. Our years of experience have taught us that offering cheap or discounted flooring usually results in higher costs overall because of future repairs.
Here is the typical process:
  • You decide you are tired of your flooring, so you contact Floor Craft Sanding at 317-759-2575.
  • We respond immediately to set up a consultation or an instant verbal estimate over the phone, depending on the scale of the project.
  • If our pricing fits your budget, we’ll schedule an on-site consultation to measure the job and determine what will be involved in the project.
  • Within 48 hours, you’ll receive a job proposal and quote.
  • Scheduling takes place whenever you are ready and includes a 50% deposit.
  • Once the project is complete, you will have beautifully restored hardwood floors!
We pride ourselves in being upfront regarding all charges and fees incurred. If we do encounter a situation where we’re going to need more materials or labor to complete a job, we’ll let you know and get your authorization before proceeding.
Usually, scheduling is done at the same time as a deposit commitment is made. After that, expect us to show up on time and do our work as promised!
Our advanced dust containment system, which utilizes the most cutting-edge equipment, captures 95 – 98% of all airborne dust.
Absolutely. We carry one of Indiana’s best insurance policies available.
The average life of a floor finish is 10-15 years. Like anything in life, the better you take care of it, the longer it will last.
We believe your floors are as unique as you are; therefore, we find it best to choose your stain in your home on your floor. Why pick a color off a chart and hope it matches your furniture or walls? We’ll provide hand-rubbed stains in your home in order for you to make the best choice.
Every floor is different, and dependent on the type of hardwood involved, our flooring proposal will list several options for you to choose from. We only use GREENGUARD certified finishes, which means they are safe enough for elementary schools and hard enough to withstand the rigors of commercial use.
At minimum, we apply a three-coat system. We can discuss your options during your on-site consultation and help you decide what is best for you and your floors.
Every project is different – some are 2 day jobs and some are 5. During your on-site consultation, a timeline will be developed with you, so you’ll know in advance how many days your job will require. That being said, we strive hard to ensure that by every evening you are able to walk across your floors and access your home.
If you choose a water-based finish, you can walk on it carefully in socked feet after 2-4 hours. But, pets and shoes may cause much damage, so we suggest waiting 24 for these.
Regardless of the finish type, please wait two weeks before placing rugs on the floor.
Not as messy as you would think! First of all, our state-of-the-art dust containment system practically eliminates any mess. Second, we like to say that when we are done, it will look like you haven’t dusted in a week or two. So not a large amount, but there is some minor cleanup the be had when we’re complete.
The floor must be completely clear of all rugs, furniture, and fixtures. We also suggest that you move or cover any wall hangings in the room that are of particular value.
All of our sand and finishing crews are in-house employees. There are so many particulars to this type of work that we find it is best to keep direct control over the quality and timeliness of a job.
Unless you are able and willing to keep your pets outside or contained in another room or crate, we suggest all pets be kept away from the house. Our finishes are indoor air quality certified, so fumes aren’t a health concern; however, pets’ nails, hairs, and footprints can be very damaging (and costly) to your new floor.
There is no easy way to tell if a stain will come out until we start the sanding process. Often times they do come out, but if not, we have options for you. Sometimes using a dark enough stain will mask any discoloration from unsightly stains. If the stains remain after sanding, our expert team can provide board repairs.
Most of our finishes can have furniture back in as little as 48 hours, and rugs we suggest waiting two weeks.
We utilize the lowest volatile organic compound (VOC) finishes available on the market. The odor is similar to latex paint.
If you’ve ever bough a new car, you know there’s a new (and mostly pleasant) “new car smell.” Your floors are the same way! But because we use GREENGUARD certified finishes, our ‘new floor smell’ will be the least of any finished or sanding operation available in the marketplace today.
Typically, no. There is a bit of coordination involved when it comes to the application of the finishing coats, but generally we time it such that you can retain access to your home by the evening of every day.
Ordinarily, yes! But that depends on several factors, including what type of wood flooring you have and what type of finish is involved. The best way to know is by scheduling a consultation to determine the best course of action.
We’ve repair hundreds of hardwood floors! So unless there is major structural damage, we should be able to help you. Here in Indiana, our floors move, and a lot! Often times squeak removal is a chasing of the tail in that we may fix one and simply create another in the process. Let us visit with you to determine if we can fix your squeaky wooden floors.
Absolutely. There isn’t a type or grade of flooring we haven’t seen or repaired yet. Give us a call at 317-759-2575 to learn more!
First, immediately dry off your floors. Second, place a fan in the area. If the wood begins to show signs of significant distress, let us know. Further action may be required to save your floors.
Bona® Hardwood Floor Cleaner is the only floor cleaning product we recommend. Vinegar and water slowly eats away at the surface of a finish, and the Bona cleaner is the only one we’ve found that doesn’t ruin a finish. Plus, it’s non-toxic!

For more tips, download our Floor Care Guidelines. We also provide professional maintenance and cleaning for hardwoods.
Yes! We know that your business hours are critical to your success. We handle a myriad of commercial grade projects with commercial grade solutions to cater to your schedule. We’ll work overnight, Sundays, weekends, and whatever it takes to get your job done without interfering with your business.
Any stained quarter-round or shoe mold will be removed by us and saved for re-use. Painted quarter-round or shoe mold will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
Generally, no. Our experience with independent materials has led to too many problems in the past. Plus, over the decades, we have developed a strong relationship with supplies that we know and trust.
No two homes are alike; therefore, each home will have an independent rate.
In you live in the Indianapolis area or the surrounding counties, no! However, a small travel fee may be applied if your home or business is out of our general service area.
On average, we spend about 30 minutes in each home, but this is truly contingent upon the job and how many questions you may have. Generally, we will prepare your estimate for you within 48 hours!
Yes! We have won the Angie’s List Super Service Aware for 12 years running. We also have plenty of 5-Star reviews on Google and Yelp from our extremely satisfied clients. Also, our testimonials page is full of exact quotes from our clients.
We have been privileged to work with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indiana State Museum, IUPUI, Purdue University, Simon Malls, T&H Properties, Belfor, The City of Indianapolis, Arthur Murray Dance Studios, Paul Davis, A&D Hydra Clean, Reese Nichols Jeweler, Kona Jack, and thousands of area churches and homes.
Many of our clients choose to have their floors refinished while on vacation. It can be arranged in advance and is no hassle at all. We will only need to have you choose your stain color before you leave.

Completely a project in stages can be determined after our on-site consultation. Generally, it’s best to do it all at once.
For the safety of our machines, we dispose of it immediately. Because sand dust can be flammable, we are unfortunately unable to transport it as waste. In cooperation with our clients, we generally leave the contained dust curbside unless other arrangements have been made.
We work off of your schedule, not the weather. Working with natural materials does require a temperature-controlled environment. But with the advent of air conditioning, we can work anytime regardless of outside temperature.
You bet! This is a common request due to the high demand for hardwood flooring.
We would love to help guide you through the process of choosing new hardwood floors for your home. There are so many wonderful options available that is best for us to consult with you in your home in order to see the colors and understand the usage of your floors. We’ve been installing hardwood floors in Indiana for decades, and we know you’ll love transitioning.
Normally, yes. Give us a call at 317-759-2575, and we’ll be happy to evaluate your floors and offer an expert recommendation.
Our clients come first, so we are flexible with our schedule. Our goal is to minimize the disruption to homeowners and their families, so we try to finish the job as quickly as possible while still providing top-notch service.

Also, we are aware that our business clients may need jobs scheduled overnight or on weeks. Otherwise, we try to keep our hours from 8AM until 5PM, Monday through Friday.
Yes, we have office and warehouse space, and we are always available to provide in-house consultations with samples.
We want you to be completely informed each step of the process, so if there are any questions that aren’t answered here or anywhere on www.FloorCraftSanding.com, please feel free to call us at 317-759-2575. You may also contact us online, and we’ll get back with you as soon as we can.