Once you’ve decided to have the flooring experts at Floor Sand Crafting install hardwood floors in your home, next comes this hard question: what color do you choose for the stain? It’s normal to feel some pressure in making this decision, considering the investment and long-lasting nature of hardwood floors. But with a few considerations, you’ll choose the right color in no time.

How to Choose a Hardwood Floor Color

Things to Consider 

  • Your room/home’s style: Choose a stain color that enhances your home’s decor. If your style is modern, a warm, red tone might not be the best choice. Similarly, traditional rustic decor might not quite flow with a grayer color. We can help you understand how different tones can complement or clash with your home’s style. 

  • The type of hardwood: Wood is a porous, live substance. Depending on the wood’s grain and pore size, the stain may absorb differently. During our first on-site consultation in your home, we can advise you on the best stain for your floors. We’ll present different stain samples on your floors, not on samples, because your floors may react differently than the sample wood.

  • Maintenance levels: Lighter stains are easier to maintain because scratches, dents, dog hair, dirt, and dust don’t show as much. These lighter stains also show off the wood’s grain pattern. This can be great or not-so great, depending on the amount of imperfections in the wood. Darker stains will mask many imperfections in your wood, but may require you to clean the floors more often.

We’ll Find Your Perfect Stain Color

We firmly believe that the only way to determine the best stain color for your Indianapolis home is to test it on your floors. While color swatches and color charts may give you a general idea of the color, nothing can compare to seeing the actual color on your floors. We will sand, prep, and stain a small section of your floor. We’ll repeat the process until you find a color you are satisfied with. Typically, it only takes two or three trials until we find the perfect stain for you.

Your Hardwood Stain Experts

Floor Sand Crafting has helped thousands of your Indiana neighbors choose the perfect stain for their hardwood floors, and we can help you too! We would love to discuss your renovation or building project. Request a free quote or give us a call today at (317) 759-2575.

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