Choosing a Stain Color for Your Hardwood Floors

Once you’ve decided to have the flooring experts at Floor Sand Crafting install hardwood floors in your home, next comes this hard question: what color do you choose for the stain? It’s normal to feel some pressure in making this … Continued

3 Tips for Healthy Hardwood Floors This Summer

You’re not the only one affected by the heat and humidity of central Indiana summers. Your hardwood floors feel it, too! As a natural substance, wood is affected by the air and moisture around it. As the humidity levels in … Continued

How to Save Your Hardwood Floors after a Flood

It sure has been a rainy spring in central Indiana, hasn’t it? While, for most people, too much rain just brings a soggy yard and a few canceled softball games, for others it can bring about major disaster. If your … Continued

How to Fix Shallow Scratches on Your Hardwood Floor

Nothing beats the warm elegance of classic wooden floors; however, one tiny scratch can ruin the oaky fantasy. With over 50 years of combined hardwood flooring expertise, Floor Craft Sanding has designed custom projects for the most unique venues and homes … Continued