After years of dealing with carpet, you’ve finally made the investment in hardwood floors. You’re loving the beauty and elegance that hardwood flooring adds to your home, but how do you decorate to complement these features? Now is the time to add the finishing touches to showcase your investment with the perfect accent pieces. At Floor Craft Sanding, we offer expert hardwood refinishing, installation, and floor care services to maintain your valuable home improvement project. Let us help keep your hardwood floors looking beautiful to complement your décor choices.

Showcase Hardwood Floors with Accent Pieces and Style

Design Ideas for Rooms with Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are a design focal point in any room. It’s key to learn what goes with wood flooring to put them on full display.

Floor Covering

Adding area rugs to rooms with hardwood flooring is functional and visually appealing. Plan to add rugs to high traffic areas to reduce the wear and tear on the flooring. Rugs also signify room division. The open concept design can often leave rooms cavernous and undefined. Placing an area rug identifies seating areas and adds visual contrast.


Modern design is influenced by industrial looks with stainless steel fixtures, clean finishes, and gray hues. Hardwood flooring offers a warm contrast to this design style. Avoid the tendency to match wood coloring throughout the room by adding pieces with different colors and textures. Colors need to complement and blend without being monochromatic for optimal aesthetic appeal.


Clean is always trendy. Beautiful hardwood floors without cracks and damage provide the perfect backdrop for any décor choice. Be sure to repair floor damage promptly to avoid it degrading over time. Dust mop and sweep floors regularly with a soft bristle broom. Wash floors using a specially formulated hardwood floor cleaner, as needed. Schedule professional cleaning for a thorough and safe deep clean annually.

Hardwood floors are an investment that can last a lifetime and add timeless beauty to your home. Contact Floor Craft Sanding, your local hardwood flooring company, at (317) 759-2575 to speak with our team of flooring experts.

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