It sure has been a rainy spring in central Indiana, hasn’t it? While, for most people, too much rain just brings a soggy yard and a few canceled softball games, for others it can bring about major disaster. If your home has been flooded and you have hardwood floors, act quickly to save them. The first 24 hours are critical, and there’s plenty you can do yourself to remove excess moisture. For professional advice and help in the Indianapolis area, call in the experts at Floor Craft Sanding for all hardwood floor refinishing and renovation concerns. 


Save Your Hardwood Floors After a Flood

1. Remove standing water quickly.

Wood is porous, and thus it expands when it absorbs water. As it expands, the floor boards may warp and bend as they bump up against each other. Removing standing water quickly helps stop the wood from further damage. Remove any wet furniture or other objects on the floors as well. If you have carpet on top of the floors that also got wet, remove it as well. Use a wet vac to to suck up any remaining moisture. 

2. Protect against mold. 

Mold grows in damp, humid places, and after a flood it can appear anywhere. Use a disinfectant on your floors, and use the wet vac again to remove any excess moisture from the cleaning solution. 

3. Add air power.

Now that you’ve removed standing water and disinfected the floors, put a dehumidifier in the middle of each affected room. Turn on fans and air-conditioning at the highest power, to get the air moving to encourage evaporation. 

4. Get a free refinishing quote from Floor Craft Sanding. 

By doing all of these things, hopefully you’ve saved your floors! But, most likely, they’ll need some professional refinishing help to get them looking their best again. Contact our friendly team at Floor Craft Sanding at (317) 759-2575 for a free quote. 

Source: The Flooring Girl

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