Once you have a beautiful hardwood floor installed in just the perfect color and finish you’ve been dreaming of, the last thing you want is for it to be covered in scratches and dents. A good hardwood floor from Floor Craft Sanding will last the life of your home, but it will look a lot better along the way if you take a few precautions to keep it in tip-top shape.


How to Prevent Dents and Scratches on Your Hardwood Floors

1. Vacuum and sweep your floors regularly.

Removing debris is the first step toward preventing scratches. Make sure your vacuum is on the “hardwood floors” or “linoleum” setting so the bar doesn’t scratch against the floor.

2. Lay down mats and install furniture protectors.

Put down mats at doorways to act as a first line of defense. They’ll prevent dirt and other corrosive substances like salt from getting onto your floors. Remember to vacuum and shake these out regularly. On furniture legs, use felt protectors (not plastic), protective pads, or barrel-type coasters. Replace these often, as dirt and debris can become embedded on the pad and act like sandpaper on the floor surface.

3. Beware of pets and shoes.

Beware of sports cleats and high heels that will dent your hardwood floor, because they focus most of a person’s weight on small areas. It’s OK to ask your family and guests to remove their shoes when they come into your home. Also, keep pets’ nails trimmed and filed to prevent them from scratching the floor.

4. Consider regular maintenance from Floor Sand Crafting.

Yearly wood floor refinishing is a great way to keep your home’s hardwoods looking brand-new while protecting them from the wear and tear of everyday traffic. Refinishing hardwood floors is a wonderful way to increase the value of your Indianapolis home, showcase your artistry, and enhance the elegance of any room. Give us a call today at (317) 759-2575 to request a free consultation.

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