Nothing beats the warm elegance of classic wooden floors; however, one tiny scratch can ruin the oaky fantasy. With over 50 years of combined hardwood flooring expertise, Floor Craft Sanding has designed custom projects for the most unique venues and homes in Indiana. Call (317) 756-2575 for all repair and installation questions.

Wood Floor Remodeling

Although wood floors are more popular than carpet, they do have their upkeep. Whether you have pets, children, or heavy furniture, small scratches on your hickory walkway are difficult to prevent. When the floor is scarred or soiled, it creates an uncomfortable and obvious break in the natural patterns of the wood. However, do not assume that your floors are ruined just from a single scratch. You may need to consider professional maintenance, but before you do, below is a list of steps to fixing shallow scratches. 

1. Clean the Area 

Hardwood floors are porous, which means that they have the ability to absorb moisture. For this reason, it is difficult to remove set in stains. Hydrogen peroxide is your secret weapon when it comes to cleaning hardwood floors. Not only does it safely sanitize, but it penetrates the wood’s pores to lift deeply absorbed stains- including your pet’s mistakes

2. Use a Wood Wax Stick 

After the area has dried, simply rub the unwanted fissures with a wood wax stick. Wood wax sticks can be found in your local hardware or paint store and can be easily applied with a putty knife. Wood wax is preferred to other wood coatings because it shields your hardwood floor from moisture damage and has a longer fade resistance.

3. Buff

In about a day or two, the wax should settle and harden. Use a clean rag to rub the area and remove the extra wax. Be sure to add finishes and sealer to the area to give your floor the glossy glow of glamour. If your scratch is too deep, you may need to try other methods of floor restoration.

If your scratch is deeper, you may have to call an expert. Since 2007, Floor Craft Sanding has provided Indianapolis with flawless and reliable service. For all of your flooring repairs and installation, contact us at (317) 759-2575.


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