You’ve taken the necessary step to schedule wood floor refinishing with Floor Craft Sanding of Indianapolis. But maybe now you’re wondering whether there’s something you should be doing to prepare your home or hardwood floors. Well, don’t stress. Here are a few tips on what you can be doing to get ready for hardwood floor refinishing.

1. Remove all furniture & rugs.

Our refinishing team needs access to the entire floor, so make sure you move every piece of furniture and all rugs to another location. If you’re refinishing the hardwood floors in your entire house, we may need to work out a refinishing schedule that doesn’t require all your furniture to be gone at once. (It’s likely your garage won’t quite cut it…)

2. Take down any wall art or items on shelves.

During the wood floor refinishing process, we cannot guarantee that walls will not shake or be bumped on occasion. To protect your valuable wall décor and hardwood floors, we suggest removing these items prior to our arrival.

3. Make arrangements for your pets and kids.

Unless you plan to play outside all day with your pets and/or kids, we suggest that you figure out some off-site entertainment for them. We do our best to get you back in your home each evening. However, trying to entertain kids or take care of pets without having indoor access may be difficult. So arrange a play date or plan on taking the dog to your mom’s. Ask your on-site coordinator about your wood floor refinishing schedule so you can begin to make these plans now.

We try to make wood floor refinishing as easy on you as possible. However, preparing your home in advance can help our team work more efficiently. Thanks in advance for choosing Floor Craft Sanding and doing your part to care for your hardwood floors! If you have additional questions about wood floor refinishing or hardwood floor care, contact Floor Craft Sanding at 317-759-2575.

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