wood floor maintenance in fitness studio IndianapolisFacility managers in athletic centers, gyms, studios, community centers, and schools know that their wood floors need to stand up to a constant beating. That’s why it’s so important to stay on top of regular hardwood floor care and maintenance and to call in flooring professionals when it’s time to take care of repairs or refinishing.

4 Tips for Facility Managers

  1. Facility cleaning and maintenance staff should have proper knowledge and training on cleaning hardwood floors so they can keep the flooring in top condition. You can head over to our maintenance and cleaning page to download and print a copy of our “Hardwood Floor Care Guidelines” for reference.
  2. Invest in top-quality, ergonomic cleaning equipment and tools to make the job easier for cleaning staff. Be sure that only approved cleaners are being used on your wood floors.
  3. Once a year – more often, if needed – call in flooring professionals to have the floors professionally cleaned.
  4. Minor damage to hardwood floors can be repaired. We recommend that you periodically inspect your wood floors for water damage, termite damage, major dents, missing and broken boards, and more. If damage is detected, have it repaired sooner rather than later so that minor damage doesn’t grow into a major problem.

Hardwood Floor Installation & Customization

If your hardwood floors have been refinished more times than you can count, and your facility needs new hardwood floor installation, consider having custom floor graphics installed as well. In addition to regulation lines for various sports, we at Floor Craft Sanding can also customize graphics to include a logo, mascot, or slogan.

When it’s time to clean, refinish, or replace the wood floors in your Indianapolis athletic facility, contact the flooring experts at Floor Craft Sanding at (317) 759-2575. We’ll be happy to put our decades of experience to work for you!

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