hardwood floor care IndianapolisWhether you have existing or newly installed wood floors in your home or commercial space, you can ensure their longevity by following the care and maintenance tips below, courtesy of the experts at Floor Craft Sanding.

Tips for Caring for Your Hardwood Floors

The best way to keep your hardwood floors looking new is to avoid tracking dirt and grit around since that is likely to scratch them up. This can best be achieved by:

  1. Having welcome mats outside all entryways to stomp off dirt before tracking it in and shaking out exterior mats often.
  2. Having small mats or rugs inside all entryways to rub shoes and leave the grit at the door and vacuuming or shaking out these mats regularly.
  3. Avoiding wearing high-heeled shoes on your wood floors unless they have protective tips.
  4. Better yet, removing all footwear when entering the house. Not only will this help protect your floors, it will also keep your home cleaner.
  5. Wiping off pets’ feet when they come indoors.
  6. Using protective pads under furniture to avoid accidental scrapes or dents.
  7. Placing area rugs in high-traffic areas such as hallways or in front of the kitchen sink.
  8. Always wiping or mopping up water since standing water can permanently damage or stain wood floors.
  9. Keeping floors clean by sweeping regularly with a soft-bristle broom or clean dust mop.
  10. Washing floors with a mop and water and using only approved cleaning products.
  11. Avoiding waxes, oils soaps, and acrylic floor protectants when cleaning hardwood floors with a polyurethane finish.
  12. Hiring professionals for annual hardwood floor cleaning and maintenance.

With decades of experience in hardwood floor installation, refinishing, and floor care, the professionals at Floor Craft Sanding are the trusted contractors to turn to Indianapolis, Carmel, and neighboring communities. To book professional wood floor cleaning using the Dirt Dragon™ or to discuss repairs or refinishing your hardwood floors, contact us at (317) 759-2575.

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