Spring Clean Your Hardwood Floors

In Central Indiana, winter is quickly waning, spring sports will be starting up soon, and your entire family is chomping at the bit for the weather to warm up. You may be noticing areas in your home that need a … Continued

Expand the Existing Wood Flooring in Your Home

Hardwood flooring is an investment. Even small amounts of wood floor can add quality and value to your home. If you’re holding back on adding more wood flooring to your home because you’re concerned it won’t match the existing wood … Continued

Today’s Top 3 Hardwood Flooring Design Trends

Hardwood flooring adds value and unique beauty to your home, office, or commercial building.  The current design trends are emphasizing individualized taste with the urban farmhouse movement.  From classic to contemporary, Floor Craft Sanding can install or restore your hardwood … Continued

3 Pests that Can Damage Hardwood Flooring

There are many reasons to replace hardwood flooring—moisture or water damage, over-sanding, age, etc. One other reason that we at Floor Craft Sanding see some homeowners replace their wood flooring is because of damage from wood-boring pests.Here are the frustrating … Continued

How to Ruin Hardwood Floors in 10 Easy Steps

Hardwood floors are extremely durable, but like anything of value, you do need to take good care of them to ensure their longevity. That’s why we at Floor Craft Sanding have put together this tongue-in-cheek list of 10 easy steps … Continued