In Central Indiana, winter is quickly waning, spring sports will be starting up soon, and your entire family is chomping at the bit for the weather to warm up. You may be noticing areas in your home that need a little more TLC, or maybe you’ve made a 2-week plan to spring clean your home. Got your sights on your hardwood floors? We’ve put together a few tips and guidelines to spring clean your floors. Do your floors need some major work? The hardwood flooring experts at Floor Sand Crafting have extensive experience in refinishing, installing, and repairing hardwood floors. Request a quote today by calling (317) 759-2575.

Clean Hardwood Floors 

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Schedule

In reality, most surfaces in your home need more than a once-a-year deep cleaning, and your floors are no different. So while it’s good to do a seasonal deep clean right now before spring starts in earnest, you can keep your floors looking their finest with more care on a regular basis. 

Every Day Maintenance

Mop up any water or spills as soon as they happen. Don’t allow water or other liquids to remain on your floors for long. 

Every Week Spruce-up

Sweep or vacuum with a hard floor attachment at least once a week. Use a little Bona floor cleaner to clean more stubborn soil marks. For sticky substances, use an ice cube to harden the spot and then lightly rub with a dull plastic scraper. The key is to not damage the finish of the floor. When you’re in spring cleaning mode, use Bona for the entire floor. 

Every 3-5 Years Power Cleaning

Hardwood floors are beautiful, but they’re not immune from regular wear and tear. To protect your investment, consider having your floors sanded and refinished every 3-5 years. This process will remove gouges and scratches, keeping it in great shape for the life of the house. 

For a job like this in Indianapolis, hire the experts at Floor Sand Crafting. With our experienced crew at your service, you can rest assured knowing everything will be done precisely and to your specifications. Request a quote today by calling (317) 759-2575.

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