Everyone can enjoy the wholesomeness of a classic wood floor. However, when it comes to your choice of wood, you have many options that exist. Do you like the softness of American Cherry or the warm richness of American Walnut? Floor Craft Sanding Hardwood Restoration & Installation employs experts who specialize in every species of wood. For professional advice in Indianapolis, contact us online, or call us today at (317) 759-2575

When deciding which type of wood will work best with your vision, first imagine the tone and general mood you would want the room to project. Woods with light tones like Yellow Pine or Hickory tend to make smaller rooms look larger as the glossy finish bounces light off the ground. Woods with darker hues such as Brazilian Cherry and Merbau absorb light and make larger rooms feel cozy. Listed below are some popular wood choices.

Home Wood Flooring


Hickory is known for its rustic, spicy scent, but it is also popular across the world as a type of flooring. These powerful trees take over 200 years to fully mature and can reach over 120 feet in height. A light tan with brighter hues, this hardwood flooring will give your room a wide and light atmosphere.


Popular among many American households, oak flooring has been recognized for its various positive attributes. Not only is Oak inexpensive, but it is tough and can resist scratches. The oak’s dark colors absorb stains better than lighter options, so it is a good choice for families or places where there may be a lot of foot traffic. 

Stran Woven Bamboo

Though technically considered a grass rather than wood, this plant makes for beautiful flooring. Though bamboo tends to be on the cheaper side, Stran Woven Bamboo is even stronger than oak and may cost a little more. If you are thinking of bamboo flooring, know that most types are softer than wood and stain more easily. 

Our family-owned business has transformed thousands of Indiana homes. Our professionals can recommend the perfect wood flooring to fit your budget, vision, and needs. Floor Craft Sanding Hardwood Restoration & Installation can be reached online or by calling (317) 759-2575. Contact us today to speak to a wood specialist. 

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