Hardwood Flooring
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Hardwood flooring adds value and unique beauty to your home, office, or commercial building.  The current design trends are emphasizing individualized taste with the urban farmhouse movement.  From classic to contemporary, Floor Craft Sanding can install or restore your hardwood flooring to meet your personal style.  

Hardwood flooring customizes your space with warmth and color.  Home design trends in 2017 are embracing personal tastes in every aspect of the home.  The festive style once reserved for seasonal decor is now applied to structural pieces, including hardwood flooring!  Showing personal taste in every aspect of the home brings individuality and customization.  Emily FInkell of Hardwood Floors Magazine (2017) reports the trends are emphasizing authentic, indigenous, and travel-inspired looks. Check out today’s top 3 hardwood flooring design trends:


Trends are showing that consumers care about the origin of products used in their home and workplace. American-made products prompt feelings of loyalty, safety, and confidence when shopping for hardwood flooring. Your local Indiana hardwood flooring company, Floor Craft Sanding, takes pride in serving its Indianapolis neighbors and community.

Native Designs

Hardwood flooring with rustic details adds character to a room. This look is trendy but also forgiving and low maintenance with imperfections adding charm. Let natural wood shine in your home with hardwood floor installation and refinishing by Floor Craft Sanding.

Travel Inspiration 

With the click of a mouse, consumers can see all parts of the world and cultural design influences.  Update your space by incorporating travel and geographical influences.  Bolder, sophisticated accents and floor coverings can personalize your hardwood flooring.  Floor medallions and borders are the perfect accents to make your flooring as individual as you!
Bringing the latest hardwood flooring designs to life is just as easy contacting the professionals at Floor Craft Sanding.  For a free consultation on your next hardwood flooring project, call (317) 759-2575.  


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