There are many reasons to replace hardwood flooring—moisture or water damage, over-sanding, age, etc. One other reason that we at Floor Craft Sanding see some homeowners replace their wood flooring is because of damage from wood-boring pests.

Here are the frustrating little critters to watch out for…


Termites are the most destructive pest when it comes to wood damage. They eat wood, and their bodies convert the wood fiber into sugar. In only a few years, a colony of subterranean termites can destroy the entire structure of a house. And because they eat wood from the inside out, their damage isn’t immediately noticeable, and it can sometimes take quite awhile for a homeowner to even notice their presence.

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Powderpost beetles

Powderpost beetles are wood-boring insects that damage both hardwoods and softwoods. Their damage to hardwood flooring happens when their larvae bore into the wood through surface cracks. First, the adult beetle lays its eggs on the wood surface, then the larva bores through. The holes are created when the adult beetle emerges from its underground “womb”, and they can also cause a lot of damage from within the flooring, too.

Carpenter Ants

This is more for homeowners with rustic wood flooring, but carpenter ants can cause damage if the wood flooring is old, has seen water damage before, or has previously been attacked by pests. Carpenter ants are very different from the typical ant that one would think of. “Regular” ants nest underground and are fairly small. Carpenter ants, however, are big. They nest above ground in various places in homes. A typical scenario in which carpenter ants cause major damage to hardwood flooring is in summer cabins that may have unattended leaks.

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