Everyone knows that installing new wood floors or refinishing hardwood flooring is a great way to improve the look of your home or office space. However, few people think about all of the specialty flooring options that are available. One of our favorite specialty projects is to add custom floor graphics for our clients.

Gym FlooringGymnasium floors are probably the most obvious location for made-to-order graphics. Not only do we install standard-regulation lines and borders, we can also include graphics of your team mascot, your school logo or even a slogan. Such a great way to encourage team spirit!

Commercial Properties and Businesses – What a welcoming experience for residents of multi-family residences such as apartment buildings or condos, to have their building name or “welcome home” embedded in the front foyer. Other businesses can also make a professional impression by having their slogan, mission statement, or logo set in their wood floors. Both clients and employees will be reminded of the company’s vision every time they see the graphics.

Homes – Specialty graphics aren’t only for public spaces. They are a unique and creative way to add your personality to your home. You can add your family’s crest, “welcome to the Wrights’,” a saying such as “What I like most about my home is who I share it with,” “Home sweet home” or anything else that feels right for you.

With decades of flooring experience in Indianapolis, Carmel and the surrounding areas, the team at Floor Craft Sanding can help your hardwood floors make an impressive statement. Graphics can be embedded during hardwood floor installation or during floor refinishing. Custom graphics are just one of our specialty flooring options. Call us at 317-759-2575 to book an estimate or to find out more about floor refinishing, specialty graphics, customized borders and floor medallions.

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