You’ve made the important decision to install new wood floors in your Indianapolis home. But how do you choose the right hardwood floor installer to make sure the job’s done right? Floor Craft Sanding—an Indiana wood floor expert—has a few suggestions on how to find the right contractor for the job.

1. Gather references.

Your friends, family members, and co-workers are valuable resources when it comes to finding a good wood-floor installer. Ask around to see who has had hardwood floors installed or even refinished. From there, you can make a list of the companies you want to research further.

2. Do some snooping.

Make some phone calls to wood-floor installers, or browse their websites. You want to get a feel for their credentials, previous wood-floor installation experience, and professionalism. If you can find an online gallery of past work, see if what’s pictured is up to par with your wood-floor dreams.

3. Interview at least three prospects.

Your research will help you narrow your list, but then you should go the extra step to interview a few of the hardwood floor installers. Gather a written quote from each, and be sure to pay attention to your level of comfort with that particular installer. If he or she is going to be working in your home, you want to be at ease.

4. Pick a hardwood-floor installer.

After you have the information you need, go ahead and select the right wood-floor expert for your installation. If you live in the Indianapolis or Carmel area, consider Floor Craft Sanding in your search for a hardwood floor installer. We have extensive experience with hardwood-floor installation and wood-floor refinishing—in both residential and commercial spaces. You can check out our previous customer reviews, and contact us directly at 317-759-2575 to ask a question or get a quote.
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