Hardwood Floor Refinishing Carmel INWhether you recently moved into a new home or are tired of looking at the sad shape of your hardwood floors, you know your hardwoods need some help. However, you’re trying to determine whether your hardwood floors are worth saving, or whether you’d be better off replacing them with new, undamaged wood flooring. Floor Craft Sanding of Indianapolis has a few thoughts for you on replacing versus refinishing hardwood floors.

Have the end in mind.

How would your ideal hardwood floors look? Browse through pictures of hardwood flooring, both new installations and older, refinished floors. Note the differences in appearance, and figure out exactly what look you want to achieve. Determine whether your current floor, with some refinishing, could get that end result. For example, if you adore a wide, modern floorboard, you cannot get that look with your existing 2-inch planks (and vice versa). 

Know why you are considering the changes to your hardwood floors.

Are your floors showing signs of age, or do the floorboards creak with every step you make? Were your floors recently stained or damaged? Do all your hardwood floors need help, or only certain sections? You will want to determine what has spurred your desire for change, and then consider whether it’s worth replacing or whether some hardwood floor maintenance or refinishing would suffice.

Determine your budget before moving forward.

According to HGTV, “Replacing a wood floor usually is considerably more expensive than refinishing it, once you factor in removing the existing floor, buying the new flooring, and the labor required to install, sand, finish it and cut it to fit at walls and doorways.” Know in advance what you can afford, and then determine whether a new hardwood flooring installation is really worth the cost and effort.

If you’re still unsure whether you should replace or refinish hardwood floors in your home, consult a wood floor refinishing and installation expert. For Indianapolis-area residents, call Floor Craft Sanding at 317-759-2575. Our team can set you up with a free, in-house consultation to help answer your questions and move forward on making those hardwood floors beautiful once again.

Photo credit: Quinn Dombrowski via Photopin cc

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