You have invested in beautiful hardwood floors for your home, and you want to keep them in top condition. Here are a few tips for taking care of your wood floor—straight from our flooring experts at Floor Craft Sanding.

wood floor

1. Use area rugs in high-traffic areas.

Some parts of your home get more use than others. If you know your kids like to play in the living room or your entryway sees lots of visitors, then consider investing in some area rugs to cover these spaces. Area rugs not only cover busy places in your home, but they also catch dirt that can cause damage to your hardwood floors.

2. Get furniture pads to avoid scrapes.

Furniture can be brutal to a wood floor—especially if you’re constantly moving it around. Your best bet is to buy some of those soft furniture pads for underneath your table or chair legs. If you have pieces of furniture that are difficult to fit, you can also buy soft felt and make custom pads for your furniture.

3. Keep your floors dry.

Don’t let liquids spend a long time on your wood floors. You’ve seen how leaving a beverage on a wood table can create permanent rings. The same is true for your hardwoods if you allow water or any other liquid to stay on them for too long.

4. Have your wood floors professionally cleaned once a year.

To avoid refinishing your hardwoods too soon, we recommend a professional wood floor cleaning annually. Consider this yearly cleaning preventative maintenance to keep your floor looking pristine for a long time.

For additional tips on hardwood cleaning and maintenance, contact Floor Craft Sanding of Indianapolis at 317-759-2575. We specialize in hardwood floor installation, refinishing, and maintenance for residents in the Indy area.

photo credit: Cuppa via photopin (license)
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