Whether you are completely remodeling your kitchen or simply replacing tired, old flooring, hardwood floors are an excellent choice. At Floor Craft Sanding, we’ve installed and refinished wood floors in countless kitchens and recommend it in most homes.

Hardwood Floors Indianapolis IN

Benefits of Wood Flooring in the Kitchen

  • Wood is warmer underfoot than most other traditional flooring materials such as ceramic tile.
  • Wood is a more comfortable and forgiving surface to stand on for extended periods of time than tile or stone.
  • Wood is available in a wide variety of styles and colors to meet everyone’s tastes: wide planks, thin strips, parquet – you name it.
  • Wood is classic and timeless; you won’t need to change it when flooring trends change.
  • Wood lasts a lifetime when properly cleaned and maintained. You may have to have it refinished, but it is unlikely you would have to replace it.

Wood-Floor Maintenance in the Kitchen

Some people worry about the durability of wood in a high-traffic area such as the kitchen. While we don’t recommend juggling knives or cast-iron frying pans over your floors, you can rest assured that properly installed and finished hardwood floors can stand up to normal, daily use. Putting felt pads under furniture legs and promptly mopping up any spills are just a couple of ways to care for your floors and ensure their longevity. And, another great thing about wood floors is that you can have them refinished down the road when they do start to show signs of wear, without having to pull them out and start anew, as you would with tile or vinyl. If you’re concerned with durability or moisture, talk to a flooring professional who can help you choose the right wood species for your kitchen flooring.

As Central Indiana’s premier hardwood-flooring company, we specialize in all aspects of wood flooring, from repairing and refinishing to new flooring installation and more. To discuss your Indianapolis kitchen flooring options, contact the flooring experts at Floor Craft Sanding at (317) 759-2575 today.

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