Did you recently install hardwood floors? Or maybe you moved into a home with wood floors, and you want to know how to take good care of them. Floor Craft Sanding has years of experience working with hardwood floors in Indianapolis, Carmel, and Fishers. Here are some wood floor tricks of the trade we’ve picked up over the years.

Wood Floor Cleaning

You want to keep your floors in their best shape. In order to do so, you need to make sure you clean them often. At minimum, you should sweep (with a soft bristle broom) and dust mop your wood floors daily. We also suggest sweeping your rugs and carpeted areas of high-traffic areas of the home, because dirt and dust can easily transfer from these areas to your wood floor.

Additionally, Floor Craft Sanding suggests regular application of Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner, which you can spray on a dust mop or directly on your floor. This product is easy to use, and you can buy it directly from our store.

When cleaning your hardwood floors, never use wax, oil soaps, or acrylic floor protectants. These products can harm the polyurethane finish on your wood floors, making them less shiny and more difficult to refinish.

Hardwood Protection & Prevention

In addition to cleaning your floors regularly, you can also take some other preventative measures. Here are a few hardwood floor protection strategies:

  • Place mats at your home’s entrances to try to catch the lion’s share of dirt before it reaches your wood floors.
  • Use floor protector pads on the bottom of your furniture.
  • Put an area rug in highest traffic areas (front of the sink, living room, hallways, etc.) to try to cut down on wear and tear.
  • Keep your floors dry.
  • Don’t wear high heels or cleats on a hardwood floor, for risk of scratching it.

Professional Wood Floor Cleaning

Once a year, have your hardwood floors professionally cleaned. The staff at Floor Craft Sanding of Indianapolis are experts in the installation, refinishing, repair, and cleaning of wood floors. We know hardwood floors in and out and can help you take good care of your hardwoods.

You can read the tips you find here and more information by going to our Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Maintenance page. You can also contact Floor Craft Sanding by calling 317-759-2575 to speak to a wood floor professional or schedule a cleaning. 

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