Your hardwood floors have seen better days, and you know that you need refinishing services soon. As you make your plans for floor refinishing, here are a few tips from your friends at Floor Craft Sanding of Indianapolis, IN.

1. Get a floor refinishing estimate.

Don’t put a deposit down on floor refinishing without first getting an in-home estimate. We recommend that you gather a few bids, paying attention to the hardwood installer’s credentials, past work, customer service, as well as the bottom line. Floor Craft Sanding offers free in-home estimates to Indianapolis residents and homeowners in the nearby counties.

2. Choose a floor stain carefully.

Look through galleries or ask for examples of a wood floor installer’s past work to get a feel for what a particular stain looks like in a larger scale. Take time to consider your personal style and what hue will stand the test of time. At Floor Craft Sanding, we can bring samples to your home so you can see how different colors look in your space and lighting.

3. Make a plan for your pets.

While your hardwood floors are being refinished, you will want to keep your furry friends out of the house. Our floor finishes are not toxic and are therefore not a health concern. However, pets’ nails and hair can cause an imperfect finish on your floors.

4. Paint now, not later.

If you are planning on repainting any walls or trim, we recommend that you try to get that done before refinishing your floors. The last thing you want to do is pay for refinishing only to splatter paint on the surface a week later.

5. Select a timeframe that’s best for you.

Indiana homeowners often wonder whether there’s a particular season or time of year that’s best for refinishing wood floors. Our answer is: no. At Floor Craft Sanding, we work around your schedule to help minimize the stressors of floor refinishing. Therefore, check your calendar and choose a time of year that won’t be inconvenient for you or your family.

6. Remove furniture & decorative items.

Before your wood floor refinishing team arrives, be sure to prep the space. You will want to make sure your furniture, wall art, and personal belongings are out of the space. A clean surface allows us to get right to work.

To schedule your in-home estimate, contact Floor Craft Sanding of Indianapolis today at 317-759-2575. Be sure to also check out our current specials, to see whether you can find a deal that works for you!

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