Installing hardwood floors can instantly add beauty to your home or office. But why not take it to the next level? Did you know that you can customize your wood floors with specialty hardwood flooring? Floor Craft Sanding of Carmel, Indiana has three suggestions for ways you can take advantage of specialty flooring.

1. Made-to-Order Graphics

Want to embed your business’s logo into your office’s wood floors? Do you have a specific message or mission statement you want employees to remember daily? Floor Craft Sanding can help your hardwoods send a message and make an impression. Custom graphics aren’t only for businesses or gym floors; some people choose to add a welcome message or the family name (like “The Smiths”) to their wood floors.

2. Floor Medallions

A floor medallion can add graphic interest without words or a logo. With a floor medallion, you can set your hardwood floors apart and instantly add a custom feel. View our floor medallion gallery for some ideas.

3. Borders

If you don’t want to go as bold as a floor medallion or custom graphic, you may want to consider adding a border to your wood floors. It’s amazing what a wood floor border can do to add design interest to a space. Have an idea for a border? Talk to the design team at Floor Craft Sanding to begin brainstorming how to make it happen!

Specialty wood floors add a uniqueness to your home or work place. If you want to begin your custom hardwood flooring project, contact Floor Craft Sanding of Carmel, Indiana by calling 317-759-2575. We can help answer your questions about wood flooring, talk to you about your design options, and get you a quote for your hardwood-flooring project. You can also fill out our online contact form.

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