Installing hardwood flooring in your home is an investment. Not only does this improve the resale value of your property, but it improves your health and well-being while living in your home. At Floor Craft Sanding, our specialty is hardwood floor installation, refinishing, and maintenance. Allow us to better your life and happiness by installing hardwood flooring in your home today!

Effortless Care and Maintenance with Hardwood Flooring in Your HomeCarpe Diem and Ditch the Carpet 

Carpet is known for being warm and soft, but it also harbors dirt, dust, pet dander, and more that can be harmful to your home’s occupants over time. Switching from carpet to hardwood flooring is a move towards a healthier lifestyle.

Cleanliness and Conscientious

Hardwood flooring is an investment that can last a lifetime. While spills and stains can damage carpeting forever, they’re simple and easy to clean up with hardwood flooring. Even with routine vacuuming, some of the airborne allergens and debris are challenging to clean from carpet. What can be cleaned with a simple broom and dustpan on hardwood floors can never be removed from carpet.

Maintenance and Longevity

Hardwood floor maintenance is as simple as keeping it clean and repairing damages early to avoid expensive repairs down the road. Partnering with the experts for professional cleaning and maintenance will keep your investment like new. While the initial cost is more than carpet upon installation, the longevity of hardwood flooring far exceeds that of carpeting. While carpet needs replacing, hardwood floors can be repaired without replacing the entire floor.

Style and Sustainability

Hardwood floors are classic and never go out of style. With the ability to refinish them over time, stain colors evolve with preference changes. Easily accessorized with all colors and textures, wood flooring is the perfect backdrop for any fashion accent piece. Hardwood floors were sustainable even before it was trendy. Since they come from all natural materials, hardwood floors are a sustainable solution in your home.

Keeping your home and family happy and healthy for over 50 years, we are proud to be the hardwood flooring experts serving our local Indiana communities. Contact Floor Craft Sanding at (317) 759-2575 to request a consultation with our flooring experts today!

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