If you are in the market for hardwood floor refinishing, you have probably run across advertisements that promise a “sandless” floor refinishing or rejuvenation experience. These services promote themselves as a revolutionary way of refinishing hardwood flooring and describe the traditional method of mechanical sanding and refinishing as outdated, time consuming, dirty, and not environmentally friendly. This statement may have been true fifteen years ago, but the floor sanding industry has made several innovations over the years that have eliminated all of these factors. Floor companies, such as Floor Craft Sanding, combine the traditional methods of sanding and refinishing with modern innovations to provide you with a service that is quick, virtually dust free, and environmentally friendly.

How does a “sandless” floor refinishing process stand up to the Floor Craft Sanding method? Here is a comparison between the two methods based on some common questions we get from our clients:

How long will the process take?

“Sandless” companies claim that the traditional method of sanding and refinishing your floors is a week long process. That is a false claim. Here at Floor Craft Sanding, our sanding and refinishing process is almost always completed in no more than two days. The first day on a job consists of sanding, staining, and applying the first coat of finish that then cures overnight. On day two, we apply the second coat of finish. You can walk freely around your floors on both nights as the modern finish cures quickly and is durable enough to withstand light foot traffic within a few hours. A “sandless” company will claim your floor will be finished and cured in a couple of hours. This is not enough time for a proper prep and finish. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing that your floor had been properly prepped, stained, and coated and that the appropriate time was allotted for everything to cure?

How much dust will I be cleaning up?

The “sandless” companies want you to believe that the traditional sanding process will leave your home with an inch of dust on all surfaces. This can be the case for some sanders, but modern companies like Floor Craft Sanding use a revolutionary dustless process which consists of an external vacuum source and advanced filtration mechanism which sucks all the dust outside. The days of a thick layer of dust everywhere are gone! Floor Craft Sanding uses a state-of-the-art Bona Atomic Trailer which sits outside of your home. It is connected to the sanding equipment by a long hose which takes the dust outside to a sealed containment system. The system used by Floor Craft Sanding is virtually dust-free and GREENGUARD Certified.

How will my floors look?

“Sandless” floor companies promise a better result, but that does not usual happen. When you sand a floor, you have the opportunity to get rid of scratches, gouges, nicks, and overall wear and tear. These blemishes simply cannot be removed by a “sandless” process which only removes the finish, leaving the mechanical imperfections untouched. The modern sanding process used by Floor Craft Sanding restores your floor to its original beauty and condition. It removes all those unsightly marks and gouges that have accumulated over time. Most importantly, Floor Craft Sanding only removes the least amount of material which means that your floor can be restored over and over again.

How much will this cost?

“Sandless” companies pride themselves on being significantly cheaper than a sanding process. This is simply a “you get what you pay for” scenario. The reason that a “sandless” process is cheaper is that it only does 50% of the job. It does nothing to remove the mechanical defects. It will only try to conceal these imperfections by applying a stain and finish sheen, but the everyday wear and tear to your floor will still be visible. A sanding and refinishing job by Floor Craft Sanding will completely restore and rejuvenate your floor as well as remove both the mechanical and visual defects.

Even though refinishing your floor using the modern sanding process might take a little longer, it is worth the extra time. The benefits of using Floor Craft Sanding are that your floor will simply wear much better and the finish will last longer. Our process of separating the stain and finish application might take an extra step and a little extra time, but we aim for quality results that will last! In fact, a properly maintained and refinished hardwood floors will last your lifetime and beyond.

We can help you make your hardwood floors beautiful again!  Contact us at 317-759-2575. We would love to talk with you about your hardwood floors.

Floor Craft Sanding is Central Indiana’s Premier Hardwood Flooring Experts specializing in environmentally-friendly hardwood flooring services – including dustless refinishing and water-based finishes. Our staff has decades of experience in every aspect of hardwood flooring. For more information read our frequently asked questions and the testimonies from our satisfied clients!

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