Christmas tree on hardwood floor holidays force you to think about so many things: what gift to buy Aunt Martha, what side dish to avoid at the office party, how to return the fruit cake, etc. What you don’t need to be worried about are your hardwood floors and what they are going to look like after the holidays are over.  With a few preparations you and your hardwood floors can confidently embrace the crowds. Read our four ways to protect your hardwood floors during the holidays and find out why the holidays are the perfect time to have your hardwood floors refinished!

Four ways to protect your hardwood floors

  1. Rugs: Placing rugs in high traffic areas such as entryways, hallways and social areas will protect your floors from damage caused by high heels or hard soles. Use synthetic rugs because they are breathable.  Do not use rubber or foam-backed rugs, which can trap moisture and ruin your floor.
  2. Shoe zone: Depending on the formality of your gathering, you may want to ask guests to take off their shoes when they enter.  Keep an area by the door for shoes and if possible have a shoe rack.
  3. Chair glides:  Make sure that every chair has clean chair glides on the base of its legs. The constant moving of chairs can scrape floors. Check to see that the chair glides are clean and free of debris. Nothing worse than thinking your floors are being protected to only find out that there is debris in the chair glides scraping your floor!
  4. Mats: The best way to protect your hardwood floor is to keep outside debris outside. Place an outdoor mat in front of each at doorway entrance and dust them out regularly.

Holidays – Perfect time for refinishing!

Looking for the perfect gift for your spouse? Going out of town for the holidays? Safe travels and leave your floors to us! Wouldn’t it be great to come back from visiting friends and family to completely new or refinished hardwood floors?  What a beautiful gift to your spouse and family.  And the process will be done in your absence so there will be absolutely no inconvenience to you! Give us a call today at 317-759-2575 to schedule your free in-home estimate.  We would love to help you celebrate the holidays with a new or refinished hardwood floor. Sources:   Additional resources:  
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