Hardwood Flooring DiscountLooking for the perfect Valentine’s gift for that special someone in your life?  Or looking for a present you can give each other?  Why give a gift that lasts only a day when you can give a gift that will be loved for years! Your friends at Floor Craft Sanding want to help make Valentine’s Day perfect for you and your special Valentine.  So we are offering a fantastic $200 discount on any hardwood refinishing or hardwood installation project!  Contact us today at 317- 759-2575 to schedule your free estimate and we can help you give the best Valentine’s Day gift ever! Not sure exactly what you want with your flooring?  No worries.  You don’t have to complete the project in February, but you only need make a deposit on your project.  You can schedule it at a later date.  We strive to make the installation and refinishing processes as convenient as possible.

Five reasons that Hardwood Flooring is the perfect Valentine’s gift

  1. Adds lasting beauty and value to your home
  2. Does not require you to brave the crowds at a restaurant
  3. Will not melt, wither or fade
  4. Comes in the perfect color and size
  5. Has a great $200 off coupon

Perfect gift for any occasion!

Need a gift for a birthday, anniversary, or next Hallmark holiday? We can help make that happen! From installation to refinishing to professional cleaning, we love helping our Indiana neighbors with their hardwood floors.  Give us a call to talk about your gift of beautiful hardwood floors and we will make it happen! 317- 759-2575  
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