Planning to have your hardwood floors refinished? Refinishing hardwood floors is one of the best things you can do to make your home look and feel more beautiful and complete. It also will increase the value of your home and last for years, if you take care of it. At Floor Craft Sanding, we have years of experience in refinishing and installing hardwood floors. Need a quote? Give us a call at (317) 759-2575 or contact us online.

Refinished Hardwood Floors

1. Save the floor for last. 

Planning other renovation projects? Whether you also plan to paint, replace any drywall or baseboards, redo the bathroom, etc., save the floor for last. It’ll save wear and tear on your new floor. 

2. Dry weather is best. 

Try to avoid refinishing floors during wet weather or during high humidity. (Although, let’s face it, this can be hard to plan for in Indiana!) Wood is a porous material, and when the old finish is stripped away, the wood surface will absorb moisture. If the weather is wet or especially humid, the finish could take longer to dry or may not be as even. 

3. Protect against dust. 

We’ll take measures to control dust, but some may seep out of the room we’re working in. Our advanced dust containment system, which utilizes the most cutting-edge equipment, captures 95 – 98% of all airborne dust.  Still, you may want to cover other nearby furniture. For wall hangings or pictures in the room, remove or cover them. 

4. Make arrangements for pets.

Unless you are able to keep your pets outside, contained in another room, or crated during the day we’ll be working, we suggest all pets be kept away from the house. Our finishes are indoor air quality certified, so fumes aren’t a health concern; however, your pet’s nails, hair, and footprints can be very damaging (and costly) to your new floor.

More questions about prepping your Indianapolis home for refinishing your hardwood floors? Check out our FAQ page! Give our expert team a call at (317) 759-2575 or contact us online

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