Before I began working at Floor Craft Sanding, I’m not sure if I ever paid attention to gym flooring graphics, or basketball court flooring at all (unless the logo colors were particularly awful!)  But since Floor Craft Sanding refinishes so many school gyms or commercial basketball courts, I’ve started noticing these the hardwood floors in basketball courts:  what hardwood flooring pattern they have or how they laid out their color pattern for their lines and team graphics.

That is probably the reason that I found this recent article in the which lists their top 13 college basketball courts in the nation based on their unique use of colors, graphics and hardwood.  Proudly there were two Indiana basketball courts on the list:  Purdue and Notre Dame.


Purdue Basketball Court The author describes the Boilermakers as having a “really solid court”. But it is the classic graphics with a “dash of flash in it’s the logo and lining that puts the Purdue basketball court on this list.”  Not sure how the IU fans out there feel about having their basketball court left off the list!


Notre Dame Basketball Court The other Indiana basketball court that made this list is Notre Dame’s basketball court.  I agree with the author that the clover leaf in the center of the court and the use of two-toned hardwood really sets it apart without being obnoxious.


While these Indiana basketball courts offer more of what fans expect from a traditional basketball court,  once again the University of Oregon pushes the envelop of expectation (and of what fans and players can handle from a court!)

Oregon Basketball CourtThe Oregon Ducks’s basketball court use three different types of wood to pull this off, outlining what seems to be pine trees around the entire edge of the floor and pointing inward.  I can’t imagine playing on this (especially without a half-court line!) but it is a beautiful piece of art. It took 2500 hours and 2 miles of stencils to create this outdoor hardwood floor look!


What about the graphics on your court?

As any sports fan knows, there is something about a school’s basketball court that represents more than the team or the athletic department, but the spirit of the school itself.  A basketball court is the background for all the home advantage a team and fans need. That means athletic directors need to be confident when choosing the company to install a new court or refinish an existing court.  Our team at Floor Craft Sanding have years of experience with all aspects of sport hardwood flooring from repairs to refinishing to full installations.

If any of these courts inspire you to upgrade your school’s gym floor logo or lines or if your basketball courts simply need to have a screen and recoat after the school year, your hardwood flooring experts at Floor Craft Sanding can help advise you of the best option for your sports floor. Give us a call today at 317-759-2575 for your free consultation and we will be glad to help you out.


Or if that didn’t inspire you, here are some “suggested” designs for some other college courts.  hilariously creative! Eight Oregon-style courts.


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