Now that you have chosen the best hardwood flooring company in Indiana to refinish your floors, it is time to pick the perfect stain color! Here are a few professional tips to consider.

Hardwood Floor Stain Considerations

Considering how many color stain options are available, choosing a stain color can be daunting. But your Hardwood Flooring Experts are here to help! Here are a few things we recommend you consider: DuraSeal Stain Gallery
  • Your room/home’s style: Every home is unique with its colors, furnishings, and style.   The stain color your choose for your hardwood floors should enhance your decor. If you are doing multiple rooms, make sure the color looks perfect in each room.
  • Your wood species: Depending on the wood’s grain and pore size, stain absorbs differently. During our first on-site consultation in your home, we can advise you on the best stain for your floors.  The difference in how woods absorb a stain is another reason that we show the stain on your hardwood floors and not on a pre-stained sample (see process below).
  • Your maintenance level: Lighter stains are easier to maintain because scratches, dents, dog fur, dirt and dust are not as readily shown. These lighter stains also show off the wood’s grain pattern. This can be great or not-so great depending on the amount of imperfections in the wood. Darker stains will mask many imperfections in your wood, but may require you to clean the floors more often.

Our Stain Selection Process

During our decades of experience, we have helped thousands of our clients choose the best stain color for their hardwood floors.  We firmly believe that the only way to determine the best stain color for your home is to test it on your floors.  While color swatches and color charts may give you a general idea of the color, nothing can compare to seeing the actual color on your floors. Hardwood Floor Stain matching 1. Preparing floor.  We will sand a small section of your floor and prepare it exactly the same way we will when we complete the entire process. 2. Add stain.  After a thorough consultation, we will add the best stain color choice to a few of the prepared boards. 3. Continue the process until the perfect stain is found.  If you are not pleased with the first color, we modify the next selection (darker, redder, lighter, etc). We will continue to do this until you are satisfied with your choice.  Typically this only takes two or three trials until we find the perfect stain for you.

Hardwood Stain Experts!

We have helped thousands of our Indiana neighbors choose the perfect stain for their hardwood floors and we can help you! We would love to discuss your renovation or building project. Give us a call today at 317-759-2575!
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