Stats on Indiana Gyms
Graph on Gyms from USA Today
I doubt there is an American who has not stepped foot on a basketball gym.  And with Indiana having 9 of the 10 largest basketball gyms in the nation, I am even more confident that every Hoosier has played basketball on a court.  What I do doubt is how many of those basketball players ever thought about the court under their feet? Working in a hardwood flooring company, I pay much more attention to hardwood flooring than most other people would. However with basketball courts being such a part of our culture, I wanted to briefly share the anatomy of a hardwood floor basketball court and why each aspect is so important to the game.

Hardwood Flooring Subfloor

Let’s start with the part of the hardwood floor that you cannot see but something that each player should be thankful to have under his/her feet! You probably do not realize this while you are playing basketball but with each move and jump, the floor has a slight give to it.  This is because there is a layer of subfloor padding underneath the floor. The purpose is to have the wood floor absorb some of the force instead of it going to your knees, back or ankle. This  extra padding was added to gym floors to help athletes prevent injury and fatigue.

Hardwood Flooring

Since the first basketball game was played in 1891, maple wood floors have been the choice for gyms. This is because maple is one of the hardest woods so it can better withstand the pounding that occurs on gym floors.

Sports Floor Finishing and Graphics

The gym floors are first sanded smooth,  then two coats of quality professional sealer are applied in order to prepare the floor for the lines and graphics. After the sealer has dried, all the necessary logos, emblems, and sports lines are painted according to the client’s specifications.  The last step is to apply the final two coats of clear finish to protect the graphics and the hardwood floors.

Love your Gym Floors!

For players: Next time you go to play on your local basketball court, I hope that you will have a new appreciation for those hardwood floors. Help them last for years by only wearing rubber-soled shoes and keeping them clean and dry. For facility managers and athletic directors: We know that you already know the complexity of hardwood flooring and you know that maintenance that hardwood flooring requires in order for your gyms to look great!  We have years of experience in refinishing and restoring (screening and recoating) gym floors so contact us for a free quote on your gym floor maintenance needs.
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