Winter’s arrival means hot chocolate, warm sweaters, and candles, but also more moisture and corrosive salts that may be walked into your home. However, hardwood floors are up to the challenge. With just a few precautions, your hardwood floors will make it through the season just fine. Questions? Call the hardwood flooring experts at Floor Sand Crafting at (317) 759-2575 or contact us online

Protect hardwood floors from snow


1. Avoid using salt on your front porch. 

Protecting your hardwood floors this winter starts with keeping de-icing salts far away. Salt leaves a white, abrasive residue and salt particles can scratch your floor’s finish. If left on the floor too long, salt can harm the wood itself. (Here are some non-salt ice-melting ideas.)

2. Use mats at all entrances. 

Placing doormats at all entrances will give snow and salt a chance to be wiped off shoes and boots before they walk onto your floors. If there is a particular area of your floor where shoes collect or that receives a lot of outside foot traffic, consider laying down a large area rug to protect the floor during the winter.

3. Mop up water or snow right away. 

Sitting water or snow can damage hardwood floors, so immediately removing puddles is the key to protecting your floors. Use a towel to remove the moisture, mop the area, and dry. Sweep your floors regularly to remove debris. 

Do your hardwood floors need professional help to look their best? When it comes to hardwood flooring, Floor Craft Sanding has the experience and knowledge to make each project a success. We believe every floor can be a hallmark of your home, and we take every precaution to make sure all aspects of installation are done with precision and attention to detail. Contact Floor Craft Sanding today at (317) 759-2575 or contact us online to ask how we can add the timeless beauty of wood flooring to your Indianapolis, Indiana area home.

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